How can I buy directly from you?

California Costumes sells to retail stores. For retail inquires visit wholesale inquiries page.
For personal purchases look at our store locator or web retailer.

What are the sizing and fit of your costumes?

Please refer to our sizing chart.

Can I return my product to California Costumes?

All returns must be handled through the retail store that you purchased your product from. Each individual retailer sets their own return policy.

The costume is missing a piece, how do I get that item?

Check if the item is included on the “What’s Included” component list located on the front packaging card. Some items pictured in the photo are not included with the costume. If a listed piece is missing, please contact the retailer from where you purchased your costume.

How do I style my wig to look more like the picture?

  • For wigs that are NOT heavily shaped, hold the wig from the inner wig cap and lightly shake it to loosen the wig.
  • Wigs that are frizzy with static can be treated. A laundry dryer sheet can be used to smooth the wig. Alternatively a garment steamer on the LOWEST HEAT setting can be used on the wig. Use caution any tools with heating elements may damage the wig.
  • Wigs should be restyled with cool temperature styling tools. After reshaping a wig set with hairspray. Please note that added hairspray may make your wig more flammable.

How do I fix a flattened mask?

The following steps can help reshape your vinyl mask. Use caution as these steps require a hair dryer.

  1. Aim hair dryer at the area inside the mask with creases. Do not apply heat to the surface directly. Don’t overheat the mask. After a few seconds the vinyl will become softer.
  2. Let the mask cool. The mask should fall into shape. Repeat heating and cooling steps if necessary.

For more stubborn creases, follow step 1 and warm mask but then afterwards stuff mask with towels to create the desired shape. Slowly reheat the stuffed mask again and let cool.

Are your masks made of latex?

Unless otherwise stated, our masks are made out of vinyl and plastic. However please check each mask first before wearing if you have a latex sensitivity.

Can I use one of your products in a video/ commercial/ advertisement?

For all media release requests please send an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject “Media Release Request” include your contact information and we will reply.
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